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Website Design & Hosting

We can provide you with a website that compliments your current logos and colour schemes if required, or we can provide a brand new themed website from which new logos and colour schemes can be developed.


We will design your website with input from you, to ensure that the content of the site is relevant and factual.  We aim to provide a site that brings new visitors to your business, and generates new interest from existing customers.


Once your website is designed, we can host it on our servers at competitive rates, and offer update services as required throughout the term of your hosting contract.  Alternatively, we can offer you hosting space for you to manage yourself, and carry out your own updates if preferred.



Internet Domain Names

Even if you don't want or need a website yet, it can be useful to secure your personal or company name as a domain name on the internet.  We can provide domain names with most TLD extensions (eg, .com etc), to ensure your name won't be snapped up by someone else.



Email Accounts

Whether you have a website with us, or simply have Teestech reserve your domain name, we can provide you with personalised email addresses at your domain.  These can be new POP3 or IMAP accounts to integrate with your email program and/or mobile device, or we can set up email forwarding to allow new addresses to redirect email to your current email account.



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