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No matter how careful you are about the websites you visit, the emails you open, or the programs you run, it's still possible to end up with your computer infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware.  Malware is generally installed without you realising it, either by being bundled with other legitimate software, or by you being tricked into opening a file that then silently installs the malware.

Some viruses/malware even pose as either anti-virus scans, or even Microsoft Windows alerts, trying to trick you into either clicking to download other software, or sometimes asking for money to remove some supposed threat.  ALWAYS stop if you're unsure, as it can be difficult, or even impossible to get your money back in such circumstances.

If you think your computer may be infected by a virus, or have other malicious software slowing it down or causing problems, just give Teestech a call.  It's helpful if you can let us know any error messages that are being displayed, or better still, be in front of your computer when you call.

In carrying out the virus removal we will:


Scan computer for any known viruses, spyware and any other suspicious software


All malware identified is fully removed from your PC, allowing it to work properly again


Install basic anti-virus/security software to give some protection in future*


In exceptional cases, where virus damage is extensive, we may recommend a full

hard drive format and system restore is necessary which could be at a higher cost



* Subscription based anti-virus/security software can be installed at extra cost if required

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