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Internal Upgrades

If your computer isn't running perfectly, but it yet at the end of it's useful life, we may recommend upgrading one or more of the components inside the computer case.


A memory (RAM) upgrade can often help to speed up your system, allowing programs to run more smoothly, and with less delay.


Equally, the computer may be running just fine, but is missing a particular part that is required for some new equipment.  Perhaps some extra USB ports are needed, or a better graphics card to get the most out of your new HD monitor!


If you're running out of space on your hard disk drive, we can supply a new, larger capacity drive without you losing all your data.  We are able to 'clone' your old drive onto the new one, so that the whole system appears as it always did, just now with more available storage space.


All of these problems can be easily fixed with an upgrade from Teestech.  We can supply the components required (often available the same day), and carry out the upgrade at your home/work premises so you're not left without the computer for any great length of time.



Upgrade of Peripheral Devices

If your computer is running well, that doesn't mean you couldn't benefit from some other upgrades.


A better printer, a bigger/higher resolution monitor, replacement keyboards and mice.  All of these upgrades can really improve how you can use your computer.


Advances in technology are constant, so there's always room to get an improved experience from your computer setup.  Whether it's changing your old webcam to a new HD quality one, or swapping your old printer for one with photo lab quality output, Teestech can help you make the most of upgrading your computer so that it works better for you.


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