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Software Repairs

Sometimes, the software on your computer can become corrupted and start to cause you problems.  Perhaps a program often crashes or closes down whilst your in the middle of something.  Or, maybe Windows won't even load up when you turn the computer on.  Teestech can help with all your software repairs.


We can examine your computer, and find out where the fault lies.  All we need from you is information about what happens when the fault occurs.  We can check for software conflicts, errors in the operating system or startup file problems.



Remote Support Sessions

If the software problem is minor, and your computer still turns on and can access the internet, we may be able to help you remotely, without even visiting your home/business premises.  CLICK HERE for details of our Remote Support System.



Hardware Repairs

Teestech can also carry out repairs to the hardware of your computer.  Broken internet routers, faulty CD/DVD drives, hard disk drive failures can all be repaired for you, quickly and to a high standard.


Laptop repairs are also a specialty.  We can replace broken LCD screens, replace non working CD/DVD drives, and supply replacement power supplies.  PLEASE DON'T be tempted to buy a 'universal' power adaptor if your original laptop charger stops working.  They often provide the wrong level of voltage/current, and can seriously damage your laptop.  Let Teestech supply you with a quality replacement model, or even a genuine manufacturer part.


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