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Teestech can set up networks that are fully wired, fully wireless, or a mixture of both.  All networks can be totally secure, or with certain levels of open access if required (for example with open internet access).

We can install a new network for you to allow your computers to benefit from shared internet access, file storage and peripheral devices.  This means all users on the network can share a common backup hard drive and printer, saving the cost of providing one of these devices for each computer on the network.

If you already have a network, we can help with any troubleshooting, or suggest improvements to the network or additional shared resources.

When setting up your new network we will:


Ensure you have all required hardware to establish your wired or wireless network*


Set up your wired or wireless router with appropriate security settings as discussed and agreed with you


Connect the computers to the network, and set up internet connections, printer & file sharing as required


Fully test the network from all connected computers, and show you how it works


Provide you with a record of all passwords and access keys to ensure future access to the network


* Components can be supplied by you, or if notified in advance, Teestech can supply the parts at competitive prices

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