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Over time, your PC can feel like it's really slowing down.  Sometimes this can be caused by a combination of all the extra software that's been installed since the computer was new, together with possible conflicts and maybe even viruses and other malware.

Alternatively, it could simply be that your computer is now doing more than it used to when it was new, and could now benefit from some simple upgrades, such as more memory.

A PC Healthcheck from Teestech will get to the bottom of things.  It's a good way of keeping your system running well, even if there are no obvious problems.

Think of it like the service you give your car, just to keep things running smoothly, and pick up on any minor problems before they turn into something more serious.

In carrying out your PC Healthcheck we will:


Run full diagnostic tests of your system hardware* and software to ensure it is working correctly


Install any required/recommended updates and security patches to your operating system


Carry out scans for any virus/spyware/malware infections

(any that are discovered will be removed/repaired at a discounted rate)


Clean the inside of your PC, and the outer casing, to remove any build up of dust and dirt


Provide feedback on any upgrades your PC would benefit from



* This will include stress testing of components such as processor, cooling fans, memory and hard drives

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