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If you've bought a new PC, you won't want to lose all the photographs, documents and other files you've accumulated on your old computer.  We can help you to transfer these files over onto your new PC.

Sometimes, when a computer is badly damaged or won't start up, you might decide to just replace it.  Just because the computer won't start, doesn't mean we can't transfer your previous personal files off the old hard drive.

If an old hard drive is to be disposed of, we can also provide a forensic destruction of the data, to avoid your personal files being seen by anyone else.

Files which have been accidentally deleted can also often be recovered.   Even a hard drive that has been formatted can sometimes have it's data recovered by us.  The important thing to note, is that after accidentally deleting files or formatting discs, contact us ASAP, and don't use the drive in the meantime.  The less use a drive has had since the file was lost, the higher the chances of us being able to recover the files.

It's not just computers we can help with.  Memory cards from your digital camera, USB flash drives and external portable hard drives can also have data recovered from them.

When recovering or transferring your data we will:


Consult with you to discover what files you need transferring (often from an old PC to new PC)


Securely transfer the required files and folders, without opening your files, privacy assured


Arrange your files in an easy to manage folder structure, and show you where everything is


Teestech can recover lost and accidentally deleted files, even after formatting, from

digital cameras - memory cards - USB flash drives - external hard drives - internal PC hard drives


If you have mistakenly deleted your data or formatted your hard drive, please stop using it until you have contacted us


Recovered files will be returned to you on CD/DVD or simply put onto your new computer if you prefer



* If required, we are able to provide a forensic destruction of the data on the old hard drive/computer

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